Heather Mello has started her work at the Foreign Languages Department as an EFL Fellow

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that a new EFL Fellow Heather Mello has started to work in Saransk, in Mordovia State University.  In fact, Heather is not a really “new” Fellow, she once was a Fellow in Kazan and decided to come back to Russia. Heather will serve as an EFL Fellow during 2016/2017 academic year in Russia.

xizerHere is Heather’s bio:

Heather Mello is the Senior English Language Fellow.  Her responsibilities include teaching applied English linguistics and social science courses at Ogarev Mordovia University and conducting TEFL teacher training workshops for in-service and pre-service teachers throughout the Volga region. Heather has been a language and social science professional for over 30 years; she has worked as a translator, teacher, researcher, and statistician. Her bachelor’s studies at the University of the State of New York concentrated on the Vietnamese and Russian languages, she holds an MA in Sociology from Georgia Southern University and a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Georgia. She has done research and teaching in the specific areas of TESOL/TEFL, Vietnamese as a Foreign/Heritage Language, Corpus Linguistics, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Race & Cultural Relations, Social Problems, and Second and Heritage Language Acquisition and maintenance.  Heather is super happy to be here!