Иностранные студенты ФИЯ посетили с экскурсией Болдино

4 октября 2018 г.  Елена Александровна Соловьёва и Татьяна Александровна Торговкина вместе с иностранными студентами, обучающимися на ФИЯ, посетили с экскурсией Болдино и Львовку — родные места великого русского поэта Александра Сергеевича Пушкина. Погода была отличная! Ильмир Дашкин и Кирилл Хлопин поделились интересными фактами из биографии писателя. Иностранные студенты были в восторге!

Чжу Цянь (Zhu Qian):
«I’m very happy to visit the Boldino and Lvovka today. On Monday classmates introduced a lot about Pushkin for us basically and today we had a further knowledge of Pushkin.He produced a lot of poems and paintings at the two places.We visited the rooms one after the other and the narrator restored the Pushkin’s life scenes in detail for us. Lvovka, comparing with Boldino, is in a remote area which seems to be isolated,because cell phone has no signal there.And the student told us that we were here not for network but for enjoying nature, I quite agree with his point of view. There we didn’t only see another living house of Pushkin,but also a church and a school. The distance between the two places is a bit long, and it gives us time to rest. The scenery is very beautiful. Along the way, we took a lot of photos.This trip makes us not only understand the knowledge, but also get closer to the nature.
During this tour to the former residence of Pushkin, I learn more about Pushkin besides a great poet. He, as a man, dueled for his wife and died bravely. What’s more, the scenery is very beautiful. I took a lot of photos there. I love that place very much.
Thanks for the teacher’s invitation to Pushkin’s former residence. In the houses where Pushkin had ever lived,we were showed a lot of portraits and documents about his past. The local speaker also told us stories related to his family members and generations,as well as students he had been taught. The representation was so attractive that no one could call off our attentions from earnest listening.What’s more, we were fortunate enough to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the houses and taking photos.In spite of the wind outside , we were sort of freezing. But it didn’t last too long.Everything learnt today is fresh and beneficial to us. What a wonderful day today! Detailed on-site explanation. Historic and beautiful building. Elegant blue sky and white clouds. Layered forest. Today, with the company of local teachers and students, we went to the hometown of Pushkin. I have to admit that the scenery is gorgeous .Colorful leaves, red, yellow and green dancing with the breeze .We visited several cabin and house ,heard lots of beautiful stories or tales. After this travel, I know more things about Pushkin ,about the culture of Russia ,it’s meaningful. I quite appreciate for all the local teachers and students who had planned this travel and company with us.»