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Would you like to get in touch with best students and companies in Europe? Talented Europe is a free multi-platform application specifically designed to put undergraduates and graduates from various fields of education in touch with employers or institutions across Europe to find their dream internships and jobs.

EPA is strongly promoting mobility of young talents in Europe! Accordingly, companies and organizations will have direct access to students’ contact information and ranking, making it an easy to use job platform, and a meeting point of excellence.

For employers – According to personal criteria, ability to find youth across Europe that can contribute to your team with their talent and previously demonstrated high ranked academic scores. Possible new staff members can be contacted directly through the platform, as well as the ability to look at their personal information such as grades, CV, endorsement, etc.

For organizations — Private or public organizations are eligible to join and build confidence in students, thus helping them discover their talents and develop their capabilities.

Employers and Organizations can provide internshipsfull or part time jobs, and training courses of their choice. By giving students a chance to take up internships in your company, not only would you build confidence in students, you would encourage students to gain industry knowledge, accumulate evidence of their working abilities, and help them make critical professional contacts.

We would greatly appreciate if you signed up as a company or an organization to become part of our international platform to promote mobility and youth employment. The registration is completely fast and free! If you are not registered yet, find more information on the link provided https://www.talentedeurope.eu/

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