X-Culture — a new project!

X-Culture is accepting applications for the 2014-1 semester.

If you’re teaching Intl. Bus/Marketing/Management or related, here is your chance to improve learning in your courses, boost your teaching evaluations and research productivity.

The main ideaX-Culture teams up students from different countries (usually 7 students, 7 countries on a team). They work in Global Virtual Teams for a semester and gain first-hand experience in cross-cultural collaboration.

We provide all the materials, training, and administrative support; instructors do what instructors do in any team project: answer student’s questions, grade team reports, etc.

Professors interested in research will also have ample opportunities to co-author papers based on our longitudinal multi-level multi-source data.

Participants: almost 3,000 from 80+ universities in 40+ countries participate in X-Culture every semester (MBA and undergraduate).

Task: Solving international business challenges provided by our corporate partners (last semester’s list here, some new companies to be added for the next semester). The report structure is designed to match the content of standard International Business/Management/Marketing/Entrepreneurship courses.

Professors teaching Cross-Cultural Psychology, International Communication and related courses have also successfully participated in X-Culture.

Communication: Our philosophy is that the tools students use in X-Culture must be usable in the workplace upon graduation. Therefore, we rely on free online collaboration tools and do not use proprietary platforms. At the beginning of the project, all students receive basic training on the use of Email, Skype, Dropbox, Google Docs, Doodle, Facebook, etc. Teams are free to choose their preferred collaboration method.

English is the working language and sufficient fluency in English is required. Students who do not speak English may be able to participate under special arrangements – contact us for details.

Schedule: The tentative dates for the 2014-1season (dates will be adjusted +-5 days for best fit to all participants’ academic calendars):

Early track: January 20- March 15

Late track: March 1 – April 25

Unlikely Extra Late track: April 1 – May 25

Most instructors also add time before or after the project for training, discussions and presentations, so this way the project takes up an entire semester.

X-Culture Certificates: Upon successful completion of the project, the students receive X-Culture Global Collaboration Experience certificates. Instructors also receive Global Educator certificates. Additional appreciation/reference letters can be sent to instructors’ department chairs or deans upon request.

 X-Culture Symposium: Twice a year, we bring X-Culture participants together (2013 meetings: Atlanta, hosted by Home Depot and Istanbul, hosted by Mercedes-Benz).

 Does it work? Yes, it does. For empirical evidence on how X-Culture affects course evaluations, course grades/marks, cultural intelligence, attitudes, behaviors and performance, please visit our Publicationspage.

Cost: X-Culture is a not-for-profit project. A nominal participation fee is charged to cover our basic expenses. To keep the project open to everyone, partial or full fee waivers are available for participants who cannot pay the participation fee for various reasons.

More information: For additional information on X-Culture and research on its learning outcomes, please visit http://www.x-culture.org

Also read about X-Culture in AIB Insights and Academy of Management Learning and Education



Application deadline:

“early” track: January 15.

“late” track: February 15.

Enrollment is competitive. Please apply early to secure your spot.

Due to a large volume of inquiries, it may take us several days to process your application.

If you do not receive a response within five days, please contact us directly at v_taras@uncg.edu