Приглашаем вас принять участие в интернет-конференции для преподавателей школ и курсовой системы

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Приглашаем вас принять участие в интернет-конференции для преподавателей школ и курсовой системы, которая состоится 28 и 29 марта 2013 года в 14:00 по московскому времени.

В программе конференции выступления авторов, редакторов и методистов нашего издательства, а также признанных специалистов в области государственных и международных экзаменов. Присоединяйтесь, будет интересно! Все участники конференции получат электронный сертификат за каждый день участия.

Day One
Macmillan New Titles. Macmillan New ELT Ideas
28.03.13 (все выступления в программе указаны по московскому времени)

Macmillan English Quest: Building to Communicate
Lector: Roisin O'Farrell
In this webinar we will look at a range of simple activities that facilitate children communicating easily in English. There will be ideas for building sentences from word level, for maximizing simple question and answer routines, and for helping children become more aware of structure while, at the same time, exploring culture and other topics.

Roisin O'Farrell has been teaching young learners for 20 years, in Japan, Korea and Spain. She is, currently, Head of Children's Studies at ELI, Seville, where her responsibilities include developing children's courses and teacher training. Roisin is co-author of Macmillan's primary course Quest.

How to Motivate! your teen-age students to speak English?
Lector: Meryl Wilford
As Senior Commissioning Editor, Meryl was integral to the development of our brand-new teenage course Motivate!.  This webinar will focus on the features of this course which will help teachers to motivate their students to speak more in class and engage with the culture of the English-speaking world.

Meryl Wilford taught English as a Second Language for over fifteen years before joining Macmillan to develop materials for teachers.  She has worked in a wide variety of teaching contexts from exam classes to adult ESP; from pre-school Young Learners to school age Young Learners, and she especially enjoyed the challenge of teaching teenagers.

Laser: Helping our students across the B1-B2 gap
Lector: Steve Taylore-Knowles
Perhaps the most challenging stage in the career of a learner of English is moving from B1 to B2. It involves a transition from being a dependent learner to being well on the way to becoming an independent learner. In this session, we'll look at ways in which we can help our students across that gap.

Steve Taylore-Knowles has been involved in ELT for 17 years as a teacher, examiner, trainer and author. He holds BA (Hons) and MA degrees from the University of Warwick and is a Licentiate of
He has written a number of successful courses including the Laser and Macmillan Exam Skills for Russia.
After a number of years living and working in Greece, where he served on the Executive Board of TESOL Greece, he relocated to his home county of Lancashire in the north of England. He regularly speaks on various aspects of ELT at conferences and events around the world and enjoys the fact that his work takes him to so many diverse places.

Day Two
Macmillan for Exams
29.03.2013 (все выступления в программе указаны по московскому времени)

"ЕГЭ 2013: 20 вопросов и ответов"
Видеовыступление М. В. Вербицкой
В этой сессии М. В. Вербицкая ответит на ваши вопросы о ЕГЭ по английскому языку. Задайте Ваш вопрос Марии Валерьевне, заполнив электронную формуздесь. Мы выберем 20 наиболее популярных вопросов, на них и ответит Мария Валерьевна.

Мария Валерьевна Вербицкая, д.ф.н., профессор МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова, заместитель председателя НМС по иностранным языкам Минобрнауки РФ, вице-президент НОПАЯз, председатель предметной комиссии по иностранным языкам ЕГЭ, заместитель председателя НМС по иностранным языкам ФИПИ, соавтор учебной серии Macmillan Exam Skills for Russia

Готовьтесь к ГИА и ЕГЭ по английскому языку с издательством «Макмиллан»!
Лектор: Н. И. Галанина, ведущий методист издательства «Макмиллан»
Teaching towards Cambridge Exams
Lector: Claire Barnes
The aims of the webinar Productive skills at B1-B2 levels
- to familiarise teachers with Cambridge English: Preliminary and Cambridge English: First
- to highlight how to approach Speaking and Writing in the classroom
- to show ways of integrating productive skills work that is exam-focused, but also relevant and useful for non-exam students
- to suggest practical ideas/provide tips on how teachers can help their students deal with the challenges they may face when preparing for and taking the Speaking and Writing parts of the test

Claire Barnes, Cambridge ESOL examiners' team leader, BKC-IH director of studies

Готовьтесь к международным экзаменам по английскому языку с издательством «Макмиллан»!
Лектор: Г. М. Зайцев, методист издательства «Макмиллан»

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