Webinar Series 8

Dear colleagues,

Webinar Series 8 will begin on October 3rd. The focus of many of the webinars in this series is related to teaching with different forms of art (ex: MET Museum resources, reader’s theatre, and vocabulary building with pictures and photographs). The final schedule and announcement will be sent out in the next few weeks. If you/your colleagues are interested, please let us know, registration needs to be completed  by Sept. 20th.



  1. October 3rd
  2. October 17th
  3. October 31st
  4. November 14th
  5. November 28th

Dear Colleagues,  please share this info widely. Those who want to participate should e-mail their e-mail address and basic contact info to Natasha Fomenko at fomenkonv@state.gov


Thank you


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